With the help of One Belt And One Road textile industry to accelerate the expansion of the global "circle of friends"

Column:Industry News Time:2017-09-19
Unlike previous processing and manufacturing and capacity transfer, the current textile industry "going to sea" more "sharing" flavor.

Unlike previous processing and manufacturing and capacity transfer, the current textile industry "going to sea" more "sharing" flavor. At the recent "going global" conference of China's textile industry in 2017, experts and entrepreneurs present at the conference believe that the global "circle of friends" of the textile industry is accelerating with the help of One Belt And One Road.

Rooted in the local "silk road" global

The more downward pressure we face, the more we need to find a way out on a wider scale and "absorb" energy. Accelerating the pace of "going global" and integrating high-quality resources around the world will help shape new competitive advantages of the textile industry, and One Belt And One Road will provide great opportunities for this.

Gao yong, secretary of the party committee of the China textile industry federation, said most areas along the One Belt And One Road line have rich resources endowment to develop the textile industry and have great potential to develop the textile industry. The connectivity of infrastructure, the continuous improvement of the business environment and the accelerated flow of human capital will create an environment for textile enterprises to "go out" and reduce hidden dangers.

The survey of China textile industry federation shows that at present, the initiative of enterprises in international layout has been significantly improved, and the overseas investment is expanding in both breadth and depth. In Vietnam, the production of cotton yarns produced by companies such as huafu, youngor and rutai exceeds half of Vietnam's total production. More and more textile enterprises are taking advantage of "One Belt And One Road" to build the mode of receiving orders closely in line with the production capacity of relevant countries and regions.

"At present, China's textile exports have reached 300 billion us dollars, and One Belt And One Road will provide more opportunities for international cooperation in the textile industry." , director-general of the department of ministry of industry and consumer goods industry yan-min gao said, miit will timely textile industry linkage layout guidance at home and abroad, specific support policies, encourage enterprises to multinational construction overseas raw material base of cotton, wool, stable raw material supply, to strengthen the construction of target market territory sales brands and channels to develop ability.

We will work together to achieve common development and sharing

Going global is not just a one-way flow of overseas investment or capacity transfer. Under the new situation, the "going to sea" of the textile industry also presents a new feature, with more flavor of "sharing and co-creating".

Processing enterprises are no longer just making money, designers can also share the dividends of the entire industrial chain. To explore more and more enterprises set up cross-border cooperation platform, and become "market competition" for the "market" of cooperation, the parties to produce and design and channel of "chemical reaction" on the platform, accelerated promotion textile added value, "local" to "new fashion".

The domestic clothing brand yiwen and the western fashion circle jointly initiated the establishment of B&H platform, attracting designers, artistes, manufacturing factories, distributors and other countries to share manufacturing. At present, thousands of embroidery mothers, hundreds of enterprises and designers, home textile, jewelry, luggage and other related industrial enterprises have also joined in.

Some in the industry say, "in the wider stage with the 'long board' touch 'long board, re-shape the advantage."

Shandong ruyi has established industrial bases in 5 countries, forming a complete industrial chain of woolen clothing and cotton textile printing and dyeing. Yagor, rutai and other textile enterprises are also carrying out cross-field and cross-link resource integration and cooperation, and introducing technological achievements and creative strength.

From the China textile industry association, according to data from January to July this year, the textile industry of mass effect increase significantly, enterprises above designated size main business revenue growth of 9.1% year-on-year, total profit up 11.9% from a year earlier.

Get together and go out to sea

Better go to sea alone than in a group. The trend of domestic textile enterprises to integrate resources and "go out" together is more obvious.

Gao Yong said, since it was established in March of this year China textile international capacity cooperative enterprise alliance, a growing number of textile enterprises to join, to resist disorderly competition, promote the international high-quality project docking and cooperation capacity.

"International cooperation on production capacity should adhere to the principle of active and prudent distribution." Branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade of textile industry executive vice President of ying-xin xu said, err on the side of embodied in the guide to invest enterprise objective rational m&a and scientific decision, needs the government, industry organizations and enterprises.

Yan-min gao said that the miit will strengthen the industry's "going out" the support of basic research, especially at home and abroad in orderly layout, promote the textile industry cooperation of countries along the "area" and so on to strengthen. In addition, it will speed up the establishment of "going global" information platform, guide enterprises to make rational investment decisions and protect the interests of enterprises.

Source: China textile network